Car Classes – Cars
By: Fixnow | 08-14-2012

It’s time once again to post more information about Need for Speed World’s upcoming new feature – Car Classes Today we’re going to be talking all about Cars and what’s going to be changed after Car Classes is released.  This is probably one of the most significant changes happening as a result of the new feature so let’s get right into it!

First off, what was the first thing you did when you logged into Need for Speed World for the first time?  You bought a car! One of the many changes that are coming with Car Classes is that we will adjust car prices across all cars.  This includes both in-game cash and SpeedBoost prices; they will be adjusted to match each car’s performance level.  Moreover, because of the price adjustment all the car’s resale prices will be adjusted as well.  As for Car Repairs, all cars will have the same repair costs which have been adjusted to match the new in-game cash rewards (more on Rewards in a few days).

We are also going to change the amount of in-game cash new drivers’ start with from $30,000 to $200,000.  More than enough to buy your first car!  In fact, with the new starting cash players will have a wider range of choice when it comes to buying their first car.

Next, we are going to remove the level restriction on cash cars.  In other words, if the car is in the Car Dealer and you have enough in-game cash and a car slot, you can buy it.

We’re also going to increase the number of car slots available to players depending on their driver level.  Before, players received a total of three free cars slots as they got two when they created their driver and unlocked an additional slot when they reached level 12.  After Car Classes is released players can unlock up to seven slots:
- Two when they create their driver
- One at level 12
- One at level 20 (new)
- One at level 30 (new)
- One at level 40 (new)
- One at level 50 (new)

All players will retroactively receive these new car slots when Car Classes is released based on their driver level!  So if you’re already level 50, you can look forward to receiving four more car slots!

One of the most significant changes we’re making to cars is that we’re going to make most base versions of cars available for in-game cash.  To be clear, the base versions are just the cars; they will not come with any performance parts, Skill Mods or visual parts.  The selection of in-game cash cars will change every fortnight (two weeks) as we retire and add cars.  The number of cars that will be retired / added will not be fixed; instead it will vary from update to update.  In a nutshell, you’ll see more cash cars more often!

When Car Classes is released we’re going to add several new in-game cash cars!  At this point we’re not saying which cars they will be so the community will have to wait and see.  We’re also going to be making a lot more cars available for SpeedBoost purchase as well and they will come with performance parts, Skills Mods and/or visual parts.

One important piece of information that the community should be aware of is that we are going to be permanently retiring all non-base versions of cars that are currently available for in-game cash including:
- All Royal purple cars
- Audi R8 “Darius”
- Mazda RX-7 “Battle Machine”
- Nissan 350Z “Underground 2”
- Chevrolet El Camino Blue Juggernaut
- Volkswagen Scirocco “Zack”

That is a lot of information to take in but that’s how cars will change when Car Classes is released.  Tomorrow we’re going to be talking about how Car Classes is going to affect Performance Customization so be sure to tune in!