Easter Aftermarket Pack has arrived!
By: Jussi  | 03-28-2015
It’s Palm Sunday today in Need for Speed World and we just added the Easter Aftermarket Pack in the safehouse. It has the same reduced price as the other themed aftermarket packs this year. You ...

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British Twin-Turbo W12 luxury just this weekend!
By: Jussi  | 03-27-2015
It is one of the fastest British sports cars ever made, thanks to its twin-turbo W12 Volkswagen engine that boasts over 600 BHP. It has great acceleration and a high top speed, which is quite amazing ...

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Four skill packs now available with 750 SB each!
By: Jussi  | 03-25-2015
Remember how we added three Themed Skill Mod Packs to safehouse last week? Today we added two more with even lower price tags and we also reduced the price of two packs that were already available ...

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Jeep and Battlefield Heroes SUVs 30% OFF for a week
By: Jussi  | 03-24-2015
Our forumers and Facebook group members have suggested us an SUV Sale. It took us a while to deliver, but today we have discounted the prices of three SUVs by 30% for a week. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT ...

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Cherry Blossom RX-7 RZ has returned for the festival!
By: Jussi  | 03-21-2015
The Need for Speed World team is joining the Cherry Blossom Festival celebrations by returning the Mazda RX-7 RZ “Cherry Blossom” Edition to the car dealer for the duration of the festival. This ...

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Racing Hart IGC wheels are now available!
By: Jussi  | 03-20-2015
Our community exceeded all expectations by unlocking all five wheel sizes of the new in-game cash wheels in our St. Patrick’s Day Community Goal Event in just over a day. The Racing Hart Style ...

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Car Prize Packs 30% off for a week!
By: Jussi  | 03-19-2015
We are once again granting our Official Facebook group members something they asked for, and today that means discounting the price of our Car Prize Packs by 30% for a whole week. From now, until ...

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Incoming IGC Cars - March 19, 2015
By: Jussi  | 03-19-2015
Today’s IGC Rotation consists of four cars that have been available for in-game cash in the past. First we have the orange BMW M1 Procar, which was retired from the IGC car dealer on September ...

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Three historic race cars available for 72 hours!
By: Jussi  | 03-18-2015
The members of our Facebook group are keen to tell us which cars they’d like us to feature in our Limited Time Offers. The Shelby Cobra 427S/C is one of the cars they have recently suggested to ...

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St. Patrick's Day Community Goal Event has started!
By: Jussi  | 03-17-2015
It’s midnight on St. Patrick’s Day in Need for Speed World and our Community Goal Event for unlocking the Racing Hart Style A IGC wheels permanently to aftermarket shop has officially ...

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