IGC Weekend Special from Russia, with Love
By: Jussi  | 01-30-2015
A hot-blooded Russian V6 this weekend only! Last IGC rotation, we brought a V12 Supercar in. Now, we want to continue our line-up of IGC content by offering you the first ever Russian car featured in ...

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Two beastly V8s are available for a limited time!
By: Jussi  | 01-28-2015
First, we have the first (and sadly the last) M3 to be equipped with a V8 ever, Ray Krieger’s BMW M3 E92. This German ain’t no slouch with over 400 BHP on board! Add the original Grip ...

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The entire Best in Class fleet is now permanently available
By: Jussi  | 01-27-2015
Can’t find that rare performance part you need for tuning your car to the maximum? No problem, because the entire Best in Class car collection is now permanently available for purchase with ...

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Law Enforcement Weekend meeting and cruise - January 24, 2015
By: Jussi  | 01-24-2015
The NFS World team is inviting everyone to join our Official Law Enforcement Weekend meeting and cruise at the Downtown Precinct police station parking lot in Rockport Center today. Please bring ...

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Law Enforcement Weekend in NFS World
By: Jussi  | 01-23-2015
This weekend, the police will take back the control of the streets and roads of Rockport and Palmont. …and to make sure it will indeed happen, our team has brought police cars back to the car ...

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The incoming IGC cars – January 22, 2015
By: Jussi  | 01-22-2015
Today the World of IGC evolves again! The following cars have been rotated in: - Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce - Porsche Boxster Spyder - Pontiac Firebird Formula - Lexus IS300 ...

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The Battlefield Heroes SUVs are on sale!
By: Jussi  | 01-19-2015
Our team is planning a law enforcement meeting and cruise for the weekend and what would be better than to show up in Need for Speed World’s own “National Guard” vehicles? If you ...

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Ford Vinyls, Police Neon´s and street power now enabled as top up gifts!
By: rhiordd  | 01-19-2015
Have you noticed our brand new top up gifts already? The full set of Ford manufacturer Vinyls, as well as the Blue”Police” Neon’s are now available for small Boost offers already. But that’s not all, ...

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IGC Weekend Special – January 16, 2015
By: Jussi  | 01-16-2015
A Corvette-powered sedan for the whole family? Our first IGC Weekend Special this year was the Chrysler 300C SRT-8. Now we want to offer you an opportunity to spend your in-game cash on an even ...

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The Z4 GT3 is back for a limited time!
By: Jussi  | 01-13-2015
How about some V8 FIA GT3 power? The BMW Z4 GT3 returns to the car dealer for a limited amount of time. This track ready car features an impressive livery, skill mods and unlike the production Z4 ...

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