The return of the third Snowflake!
By: Jussi  | 12-16-2014
After the two Porsches, it’s time for the third Snowflake to return. This time, it’s no fancy high performance exotic, but rather an aggressive 4×4. Say hello to the Hummer H1 ...

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The second Snowflake has returned!
By: rhiordd  | 12-12-2014
A couple of days ago, we brought back the snowflake that started it all, the Porsche 911 Turbo “Snowflake”. Now it is time to bring back the second snowflake, the Porsche 911 Carrera S ...

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The incoming IGC cars - December 11, 2014
By: Jussi  | 12-11-2014
How about some Class D Rotary power? You’ve seen it before in the World Vintage Series line and now it’s time to make it available for everyone. It’s known in Japan as the Savanna ...

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14 Days of Christmas - December 12 to 25, 2014
By: Jussi  | 12-10-2014
Celebrating one of the biggest holiday seasons, Need for Speed World is introducing a 2 weeks long event extravaganza – 14 Days of Christmas. All you need to do is play the game and we are giving ...

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The first "Snowflake" has returned to the car dealer
By: Jussi  | 12-09-2014
Now that the snow machines have been on for a while and the winter is making the World colder and colder, the snowflake that started it all has returned to the car dealer to spread even more snow and ...

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First Batch Of Christmas Vinyls Available Now!
By: rhiordd  | 12-08-2014
Ho! Ho! Ho! Did you notice that there are some new, shiny and festive top up Vinyls at the store? The Vinyls disappear on early Monday December ...

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IGC Weekend Special - December 5, 2014
By: Jussi  | 12-05-2014
This weekend we are bringing back the in-game cash version of the Infiniti G35. It’s one of the cars our community has requested to return to the car dealer. We are also returning the recently ...

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Race Home for the Holidays and win exclusive Mad Catz gear!
By: TheNenheb  | 12-04-2014
Race Home for the Holidays and win exclusive Mad Catz gear! Winter is here, and we just kicked off the holiday season in Need for Speed World. The next weeks will be full or surprises, events and ...

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Official Statement: Cheating & Hacking in Need for Speed World
By: rhiordd  | 12-03-2014
We would like to touch on a subject that may have been a bit obscure or unclear in the past. As most of you noticed, we recently increased our efforts to ban players who violate our terms of service ...

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NFS World is getting ready for the Holidays
By: Jussi  | 12-01-2014
It’s December 1st in Need for Speed World and the good people or Rockport and Palmont have started putting up their Christmas decorations. The cooling weather in Rosewood has finally reached ...

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