The incoming IGC cars – November 27, 2014
By: Jussi  | 11-27-2014
Our never before IGC car this week is the BMW 3.0 CSL Gr.5. It was pretty much unbeatable in the European Touring Car Championship series in the 70′s and it’s a fierce competitor in Class ...

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American Luxury car sale!
By: Jussi  | 11-25-2014
With American Thanksgiving Day coming up this Thursday, we thought we should have a sale that fits the theme. …and this is what we came up with. For the next 3 days, you can buy two American ...

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Special Event - Lancia Birthday Cruise
By: rhiordd  | 11-24-2014
To celebrate the birthday of Lancia on November 29, our dedicated Need for Speed World staff is holding a special Lancia Birthday cruise event. Get your favorite Lancia on the road this weekend and ...

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IGC Weekend Special & Lancia Birthday Celebration
By: rhiordd  | 11-21-2014
With Lancia’s birthday coming up next week, we thought we should give everyone a chance to buy the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione with in-game cash for the Lancia Birthday Meeting and ...

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Happy Birthday Pagani
By: TheNenheb  | 11-12-2014
Celebrating the birthday of the Argentinian visionary Horacio Pagani, the rarest model of his marque in Need for Speed World is now up as a Limited Time Offer! You read it correctly! Hurry up, the ...

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Weekend IGC - Jaguar XKR
By: TheNenheb  | 11-07-2014
This is Jaguar XKR. It started its life in Need for Speed World as a Tier 2 car and ended up being one of the kings in Class A. It’s normally available only with SpeedBoost, but you can add it ...

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Treasure Hunt Event & permanent TH Cars as of today!
By: rhiordd  | 11-06-2014
Get hunting! From this weekend on, all seven Treasure Hunter cars will be permanently available! To celebrate this, we have taken 30% off of their retail price for the weekend. There is more: Just ...

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Seaside Interchange is back!
By: rhiordd  | 11-06-2014
You all must have noticed the Fifth of November fireworks last night, but did you also notice the long lost track Seaside Interchange appearing back on the World map? The fireworks not just ...

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By: rhiordd  | 10-31-2014
If you’ve been waiting for a reason to Top Up your SpeedBoost and claim the Halloween Vinyls, today is the day, because we are having a Halloween SpeedBoost Sale! Right now, get 25% more SpeedBoost ...

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New IGC Rotation Today!
By: TheNenheb  | 10-30-2014
How about some HEMI V8 power? Unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in 2006, the Dodge Challenger Concept leads this week’s in-game cash car rotation! This car comes with plenty of bodykits and ...

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