Before you start your career in Need for Speed World you have three important tasks: Create a Driver, Pick a Driver icon and Buy your first car.

Enter a driver name: Your name can be up to 14 characters long.

TIP: Pick a name which is easy to remember so your friends can find and chat with you easily.

Choose an icon which best represents your driver.

You start the game with some free Cash to spend on your first car and an initial selection of cars to choose from. As you play the game, you will earn more Cash which you can use to purchase a wide range of amazing cars.


Earning Reputation Points advances your driver through the different levels in Need for Speed World. Rep is gained when you win Races, evade Pursuits, complete Treasure Hunts and from Lucky Draw cards.

Driver Levels

New levels are attained as your driver gains sufficient Rep to 'Level Up'. You can see how close you are to leveling up by checking the Reputation bar which runs across the top of the screen HUD.


As your driver works through the levels in the game, car slots and vinyl categories will become unlocked. Each time your driver levels up, one or more unlocks may become available.

The Driver Profile keeps a running tally of how many Races you've run, won, and lost, as well as your average finishing position in both Single-Player and Multiplayer Races. You can find more details about the Driver Profile in the Safehouse section.

The Safehouse is your base of operations; it's where you can review all your cars and spend time customizing them. If you want to go straight to the Safehouse while you're driving around the World press 'H' to be teleported directly there or click on the House icon at the top of the HUD screen.

In the Safehouse, you can swap your driver into a different vehicle you own or buy a new one with Cash earned from Races. Many cars are available for purchase, as long as you have enough Cash. Some cars can be purchased using SpeedBoost which you can get by topping up your wallet at any time.

If you have multiple drivers, you can swap between them while in the Safehouse, as well as access your Driver Profile to check out how you've been faring in Races and Pursuits. The Powerup Console is also available, allowing you to customize which Powerups you plan to use in the next Race or Pursuit.