Car Classes – Performance Customization
By: Fixnow | 08-15-2012

So far we’ve discussed how Car Classes is going to affect Cars and Car Ratings but how it will affect Performance Customization has been one of the most frequently asked questions from the Need for Speed World community.  Interestingly enough, it’s today topic so we are very happy to be able to give everyone the run down…

First off, Performance Parts will no longer be bracketed into tiers.  After Car Classes is released any part will be able to be installed onto any car!  It’s very important to note that any existing parts in your inventory or already installed on your car will be substituted by non-tiered parts.

To be clear, NO ONE IS GOING TO LOSE ANY PARTS regardless of whether they are in your inventory or already installed on your car! Essentially, your parts are just going to be renamed to the new part classification as detailed above. Moreover, the old tier 1, 2 & 3 Performance Packs will cease to exist; with Car Classes there will be Silver, Gold and Platinum Performance Packs.  Each Performance Pack contains 5 reward cards which can give extra Cash, Power Ups and performance parts, including:

Platinum Pack – At least one Ultra performance part
Gold Pack – At least one Pro performance part
Silver Pack – At least one Race performance part

Ultra parts are the best parts available in the game and provide a massive performance boost, so look out for the new Platinum Performance Packs to upgrade your car class quickly!

Another important change in Performance Customization is how each performance part will change the cars ratings.  Whenever you install a part onto your car you’ll notice that it will now have an effect on all the cars stats (handling, acceleration and top speed).  For example, installing a new engine will give the car increased acceleration and top speed but it will also have an effect on handling. This is because the performance values on the parts indicate how much each car will improve towards its maximum performance ratings for handling, acceleration and top speed, while improving the car overall. In short, parts with strong single values (e.g. top speed) are great, but more importantly, look for parts with multiple high values!

It should also be noted that visual packages sold for Cash will no longer be locked by level.  Like Performance Parts, they will be able to be installed on any car regardless of your current level.

Finally, after Car Classes is released all Street Parts will be available for in-game cash in the Performance Shop!

So there will be a few changes for Performance Customization when Car Classes is released.  For the next Car Classes blog we’re going to discuss how it’s going to affect other features in the Safehouse!