Powerups are an important strategic element in Need for Speed World so it's worth spending some time to understand each Powerup and how they can benefit your racing.

There are two ways to get Powerups in the game. The first is to win them in the Lucky Draw cards at the end of Races and Pursuits but there is now a new option to use SpeedBoost to buy the specific Powerups you want. If you go to the Powerup Console and look at the bottom of the screen you'll see a visual list of all the Powerups. To add more Powerups to your collection highlight the one you want to add and click the SpeedBoost button. You'll find this option after each Race (in the bottom right of the Results pop-up) and via the Safehouse.

Activating Powerups is simple. When you are in a Race, press the corresponding key (i.e. if NITROUS is in the '1' slot, press '1') or use the mouse to fire one by clicking mid-race.

After use, each Powerup has a Cooldown period, where time needs to be taken for them to recharge, so even if you have 50 Nitrous, you can't use them in a rapid-fire way.

As you start obtaining more Powerups, you'll want to organize them, which can be done easily in the Powerup Console. Simply click and drag the Powerup to where you want to place it. Enter the Safehouse to access the Powerup Console. As mentioned above; you can also purchase Powerups on this console page. Before you get new Powerups make sure you get the most suitable ones for the specific game mode.

Some Powerups should be used when you're in the midst of a Race to give you a better chance to pull ahead (Nitrous), or unleash a barrage of traffic to the leader (Traffic Magnet). Race Powerups are blue in the Powerup Console.

When you're in a Pursuit, you can scatter the cops using Powerups if they get too close (Emergency Evade) or end the chase immediately (Instant Cooldown). Pursuit Powerups are orange in the Powerup Console.

If you're content to Explore the massive environment of Need for Speed World, there are a host of Powerups that can help you out. For example if you want to reset the cooldown on other Powerups use Ready!

Some Powerups can be paired with skills to create very competitive cars. If you've got a powerful car, try pairing Nitrous with Ram and you'll be smashing opponents into walls as you blow past them in a Race.


Nitrous gives you a short burst of power if your car is below its top speed.

Traffic Magnet:

Nearby traffic will attempt to crash into the race leader when you call a Traffic Magnet on them.

One More Lap:

If you're running behind with one lap to go, calling One More Lap gives you a chance to make a final push by adding another lap to the race. Only usable in circuit races.

Emergency Evade:

Knocks cops back if they're too close to your car in a Pursuit.

Run Flats:

Restores your tires after running over Spike Strips.

Instant Cooldown:

Ends a cop Pursuit immediately once you are evading.


Increases your car's speed and weight however car handling is impacted negatively.


Gives your driver immunity from targeted Powerups like Traffic Magnet.


Eliminates the remaining cooldown period for Powerups making them ready to use again.


Your car's performance increases significantly when you're trailing the pack. The further from the lead, the greater the boost.

If you want to increase the speed of your progress through the game you can use SpeedBoost to purchase Amplifiers to increase the amount of points you win after each Race and Pursuit. There are two types of Amplifiers:

Amplifiers can be purchased at the end of race in the Race Results screens or in the SpeedBoost store. To purchase mouse-over the Cash or Rep amount and the Amplifier options will become visible.