Drag is an all-out acceleration contest on short distance tracks. Precise gear shifting and calculated lane switching are a major factor.

To join a Drag event, look for the blue "Drag" icon in either the Map or by driving to one of the race locations in the world. Drag races may also be joined through the Race Now function.

The maximum number of players ranges from 2 to 6, depending on the Event.

Getting a perfect launch off the starting line gives your car a quick boost of Nitrous. Time the RPM to be in the green zone for a perfect start!

The transmission can be toggled during the pre-race lobby, or by changing the setting in the Options -> Gameplay menu.

Automatic transmission is a good option for beginners; no gear shifting is required, however you are limited to only getting a "Good Shift" when moving through the gears

Manual transmission requires you to control gear shifting as your car accelerates or decelerates. Watch the tachometer to get a feel for the timing of each shift:

  • Yellow zone - Good Shift

  • Green zone - Perfect Shift (added Nitrous boost)

  • Red zone - Over rev (slow shifting)

Manual shifting is controlled as follows:


  • Left Shift key - Gear Up

  • Left Ctrl key - Gear Down

Xbox 360 Controller for Windows:

  • Right Analogue Stick (Flick Up) - Gear Up

  • Right Analogue Stick (Flick Down) - Gear Down

Cars will stay in their current lane when moving forward, no steering required. Moving left or right will switch your car into the next available lane. In tracks where traffic is enabled, switching lanes is an essential skill in order to avoid head-on collisions.