Performance Customization allows players to upgrade any of their cars to reach a higher Car Class and level of performance. By installing different combinations of engines, brakes and other types of parts, players can create the perfect balance of speed and control to create a car which matches their driving style.

Before you start tuning your car it's important to understand the rating system we use for all cars.

Car performance is measured by the following ratings:

  • Overall - Combined performance of your car. Generally, a car with a higher overall rating will be better than one with a lower rating, although this depends on how you handle the car.

  • Top Speed - How fast your car can drive.

  • Acceleration - How quickly a car gains speed.

  • Handling - How well a car turns.

You can tune several areas of your car by installing various performance parts. These include:

  • Engine

  • Forced induction

  • Transmission

  • Suspension

  • Brakes

  • Tires

Each part has an effect on the Top Speed, Acceleration and Handling ratings which is displayed as a percentage on screen. This represents how much the car's performance will increase towards its tuning limit when the part is installed. The increase in ratings will differ with each car model.

Generally, any part that is installed will change all 3 performance ratings but in different ways, so experiment with different parts to find the best combination for each car that you own.

Cars are designated a Car Class based on their Overall performance rating. Car Classes are broken down into 6 categories, starting with 'E' Class:

When tuning your car, it will have the ability to move up to a new Car Class depending on how much of an increase there is to its Overall performance rating.

Parts are classified by their stages. These are:

  • Street - Most common type; smallest impact on performance

  • Race - Not very common, medium impact on performance

  • Pro - Rare with significant impact on performance.

  • Ultra – Ultra rare with the maximum impact on performance.

There are two main ways to get performance parts:

Basic parts can be purchased directly from the Performance Shop. You will find this in the Safehouse screen.

You use in-game Cash to purchase basic parts from the Performance Shop. The prices for parts are based on the performance level so the better the part the greater the price.

The more rare a part is the greater performance it will offers. These can be won via Lucky Draw.

Rare parts appear more often in the Lucky Draw for Multiplayer races so you have a much better chance to get Rare cards than racing in Single Player.

TIP: Different parts are won from different races, so players should try different events to discover what parts they can win from each event

You can customize your car anytime you want other than when you're in a Race or a Pursuit.

  • Go to the 'Safehouse'

  • Choose 'Customization'

  • Enter the 'Performance Shop'

The Performance Shop has multiple sections:

The Store sells basic performance parts which can be used to purchase and install on to cars to give a small increase in performance.

Your Inventory holds all the parts you own through Lucky Draw rewards or other methods. This can be accessed by clicking on the button toggle next to the Store label.

TIP: The parts are sorted by performance stages and rarity, so to quickly find the best part you own, scroll to the bottom within each category

The parts panel on the left shows which parts are currently installed on the car.

The preview bar on the bottom shows the changes in performance when parts are being installed or removed

  • Drag a part from the Store or Inventory and drop it onto the car or the Parts panel.

  • Some parts require you to be at a certain Driver Level before they can purchase the part.

  • The Preview bar shows the performance change (gain or drop) in the Top Speed, Acceleration and Handling.

  • Multiple parts can be installed in the same tuning session however you can only have one of each type (e.g one engine).

  • When you're happy with your changes click the 'Confirm Changes' button to confirm all the pending installations. You must have enough Cash to pay for the parts if you're buying them through the Store.

  • Once parts are installed, they cannot be returned back to your Inventory however they can be sold for some Cash value.

  • Drag a part (one that is currently installed on the car) from the Parts panel on the left to the Sell box at the bottom right.

  • The bottom right panel shows how much Cash will be given to the player for selling the part.

  • Players can uninstall multiple parts at one time

  • Confirm the changes when done.

  • Drag a part from the Inventory to the sell box.

  • Again, confirm the changes when done.

Turning A car into YOUR car is one of the most satisfying elements of Need for Speed World.

If you've played previous Need for Speed games you'll notice customization has been completely re-vamped, with more paint and vinyl options being available to put your own personal spin on a car than ever before. As part of this we've introduced a new mouse-operated rotating camera so you can view the cars at any angle you want to ensure no detail will be missed as you treat every inch of your car as a personal canvas.

From the Safehouse's main screen, click 'Customization' and then 'Paint Shop' to access the paint options for your car in World. With a massive library of colors and paint styles (Gloss, Metallic, Matte, Chrome, Candy, Iridescent, Pearlescent), it should be possible to find any color mix you're looking for. Wheels can be painted in either Matte, Chrome or Metallic finishes as well.

The Vinyl Shop is also accessed via the 'Customization' menu at the Safehouse screen. There are several types of vinyl available (Primitives, Numbers, Chicane, Cathedral, Grizzly) for customization. Once you've purchased a vinyl you can apply it to your car by clicking it and dragging it with the mouse. You can sample the vinyls and paint before you purchase.

Once the vinyl is on your car, there are six ways you can customize it:


Flips the vinyl. Note: some vinyls, such as manufacturer logos, cannot be flipped.


Rotates the vinyl on its center point.


Skews the dimensions of the vinyl. Some vinyls cannot be skewed.


Changes the color of the vinyl. It's not possible to change the color of every vinyl; some are locked.


Creates a duplicate of the selected vinyl on your car.


Increases or decreases the size of the vinyl. Some vinyls are limited to only scale within a locked aspect ratio.

The Aftermarket Shop contains all the wonderful aftermarket parts that you need to make your car stand out from the crowd. You can change the entire shape of the car by installing a new Visual Package, or add some extra flair with a bright car Neon or colored Window Tints. You can even make a statement by adding a License Plate which your opponents see when trying to catch you during a race.

You can visit the Aftermarket Shop via the Customization menu in your Safehouse. The Store offers a limited selection of parts which you can purchase with Cash or SpeedBoost, depending on the item. To install a part, simply drag and drop it onto your car to preview the change and click the “Buy” button next to the part on the left panel to confirm your purchase.

Aftermarket parts can also be won via the Lucky Draw after an event or by purchasing Aftermarket Card Packs which can be found in the Card Pack store in the Safehouse. These usually contain exclusive styles not found in the Store! Any parts won this way will show up in your Inventory tab within the Aftermarket Shop, which you can view by clicking the toggle button next to the “Shop” label at the top of the item list.

You can remove unwanted parts in your Inventory by dragging them to the Sell Box at the bottom right to throw it away, or uninstall parts on your Car by clicking on the X beside the part. Note that any sold or uninstalled part is removed permanently.