Find a Fun Car to Drive
By: FixNow  | 08-27-2014
Sometimes you have to just find that one car and drive it in a beautiful city full off nice cars. In this weeks featured Speedhunters article, Larry is taking out his Mustang RTR on a cruise through ...

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Guess the Car - August 26th
By: FixNow  | 08-26-2014
Its time for this week’s Guess the Car! All you have to do is take a close look at the image on our Facebook page, and try and guess what car it might be, leave your answer in the comment section. ...

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DENghini’s Sunday Matchup Ep.16
By: FixNow  | 08-24-2014
In this week’s Sunday Matchup it’s all about the classical Nissan’s from the late 90’s. Our dear friend DENghini is treating us to some high class racing with the Nissan Silvia (S15) and the Nissan ...

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The Big Red Corvette
By: FixNow  | 08-23-2014
“When you see the bright red C2 Corvette with its widened body and enormous 315-section tires you might think this a brand new, high-dollar pro touring car that just rolled out from some popular ...

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Forum Friday - August 22nd
By: FixNow  | 08-22-2014
Listen Up Drivers! This week’s event is a Race! Post your fastest lap time on Traffic Boulevard (aka Garden Boulevard). The Player with the fastest lap will win a super awesome, secret prize! Be sure ...

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