An R34 Built to Race!
By: Fixnow | 09-21-2012

Today we’re very happy to have another manufacturer join the growing list of cars in NFS World! The NISMO R34 GT-R Z-tune is quite simply the fastest, most agile R34 ever built!

The Z-Tune was originally designed by Nismo back in 2002, right when Nissan started ending production for the R34. Nismo actually ended up buying back 20 used Skylines (all with less than 29,000 km on them) in order to build the prototypes and eventual production versions of this monster R34.  In total only 19 were ever built including the two prototypes.  Each and every single one of these cars was handmade with the original car being stripped down to the chassis and rebuilt piece by piece.  An interesting fact about this car is that they’ve been known to sell for as much as $180,000 USD!

Its 500 horse power engine is equipped with an IHI turbo-charger and was revised to allow it to reach 8000 RPM!  It was also improved with a suspension done by Sachs, and a specially designed Brembo e-brake system.  There was also a lot of other work involved in building this car including completely redesigning the suspension, drivetrain, transmission tunnel, engine bay, gearbox, and other components.  This allowed Nismo to give the Z-Tune a far more aggressive stance and wider fenders for wider wheels.

This street racer is ready to set records in any event in Need for Speed World!