Lamborghini Reventón - An Automotive Masterpiece!
By: Fixnow | 09-14-2012

The Lamborghini Reventón is a true automotive masterpiece and the pinnacle supercar in the Lamborghini fleet.  Today we are extremely proud to say that it can now available in Need for Speed World!

A bit of history about the name “Reventón”; depending on what language you speak it could have a number of meanings.  When used as a noun in Spanish it means “Small Explosion” or “burst”.  To the gearheads out there it means “blowout, flat tire”.  However, our personal favorite is that it is named for a fighting bull raised by the Don Heriberto Rodríguez family.  When used in that sense “Reventón” means “he who seems to be about to burst”.

It’s capable of hitting speeds of over 220 MPH thanks to its light-weight all-new carbon fiber exterior and a massive 6.5 L (400 cu in) V12 engine.  It is the most visually striking supercar Lamborghini has ever produced often being compared to a Stealth Bomber!

Officially, only 20 Reventón’s were sold to the public but you can get your today in from the in-game Car Dealer!