Get Ready for Spot the Devs 9!
By: Fixnow | 09-13-2012

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* Please note that the names below are how they appear on email.  Winner will receive their prizes shortly.


The 9th Spot the Devs Community event begins tomorrow but we’re changing things up a bit with this one!

How do I participate in Spot the Devs?
If you’ve never participated in a spot the Devs event don’t worry because it’s pretty easy to enter for your chance to win. During the event all you need to do is get into the game, find a Dev member, take a clear photo of their car and submit it to be entered into a random draw for your chance to win one of 150 great prizes!

To submit your photo you simply email it to; be sure to put “Spot the Devs” in the subject line of your email or Drew won’t be able to find your email/entry.

When does the Spot the Devs begin?
The event will begin on the Friday, September 14:

- At 10:00am (10:00) PDT / 1:00pm (13:00) EDT / 5:00pm (17:00) the devs are going to log onto the Apex servers.  We’ll have devs in both the Apex – US and Apex – EU at the same time.
- At 11:00am (11:00) PDT / 2:00pm (14:00) EDT / 6:00pm (18:00) we’ll switch over to Chicane and will have devs in both the US & EU regions at the same time

How will I know if someone is a dev?
First off, the devs will be driving a car that has not been released in the game. We’re not going to say what it is until the Spot the Devs begins!

We’re going to have a bunch of devs (and modertators) in the game including: KateTakanashi, KORBAK, AJUKLEGENDARY, ABDUDE, monochromatix, NFSDrew, JUSSI, JUSTWATCHME, BLARGG123, SARCROSS, BARBIE8, MSVINYLSCRATCH, KORBAK2, AJUKNEWDRIVER, NFSDrewTwo, NOSAFEFORWORLD, JWM, NFSDEVELLIS and many more!

Please note that the devs (and mods) will most likely not be accepting friends requests.

What can I win?
We’ve got 150 great prizes to give out including:
- 25 Winter Holiday vinyl packs
- 25 Lamborghini Manufacturer vinyl packs
- 25 Hot Pursuit vinyl packs
- 25 Halloween vinyl packs
- 15 Greeman Gaming Bronze Starter Packs
- 10 GamersGate Silver Starter Packs
- 5 Amazon Gold Starter Packs
- 5 Ford Mustang RTR-Xs
- 5 Lamborghini Diablos
- 5 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Editions
- 5 Audi A1 clubsport Speed Editions

Where are the devs going to be in the game?
We said that we’re going to be changing things up this time!  Take a look at the map above; the devs will be hanging out at those spots.  Be sure to follow @NFSWorld on Twitter because we’ll be tweeting out hints about the devs locations during the event.

Anything else we need to know?
A couple things:
- You can take a photo of a dev by making sure they are on-screen in the game and pressing the ‘Prt Scr’ button on your keyboard. The chat window will display where that photo was stored on your PC
- You can also use the Free Camera to take photos which can be accessed by pressing ‘V’ on your keyboard
- Remember that you can turn off the game’s HUD by pressing Alt + Z.  Makes for some nice photos!
- There is no limit (within reason) to the number of photos you can submit for your chance to win
- Please ensure you have the text ‘Spot the Devs’ in the subject line of your submission email otherwise it will not be considered an official entry
- Winners will be determined via random draw

Good luck and see you on the road tomorrow!