Be the Top Cop with the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento ‘Intercept” Edition
By: Fixnow | 09-13-2012

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento “Intercept” Edition is fastest cop car that has been released in Need for Speed World yet!

When NFS World switched over to car classes, even faster cars started flooding into the world. This required the Police force to step up to the challenge. This Elemento features a bull bar and integrated light flashers, the car is a black and white, flat out pursuit vehicle. The car number, 2200, is roughly the weight (In pounds) of the Sesto Elemento (Before adding the required police equipment). It also has an exclusive SESTO license plate (Only available with the Cop version). And white “Cop” underbody neon.

Thanks to its massive 5.2-litre V10 engine borrowed from the Lamborghini Gallardo producing 570 horsepower and 398 lb/ft of torque, you won’t have any problems being the top cop in any race or pursuit. The impressive engine isn’t the only highlight though; the Elemento also has a six speed transmission, all-wheel-drive system, and a large number of carbon fiber components in the chassis, body, driveshaft and suspension.

This Lamborghini is light, incredibly fast and can be yours today when you Top Up your SpeedBoost!