Introducing the new EA Answer HQ!
By: Fixnow | 09-13-2012

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or brand new to the gaming world, everyone needs a little help sometimes. So we’ve created EA’s new Answer HQ. It’s a community initiative to have players give other players support with problems and help share their gaming expertise with other players. This is the place where sharing knowledge is rewarded and where you can climb the ranks to be the hero.

This is only the beginning!
• Get answers from the experts
• Share advice to gain XP, badges, & more
• Level up and become the Hero!

Getting Started
Follow this link to the full instructions and firs steps on EA´s new Answer HQ:

What is XP?
XP stands for experience points in most games. It’s the same for the Answer HQ. By showing your knowledge and experience within the AHQ, you can earn XP. Great ideas, answers to posts, even great questions can be given XP by other community members, moderators or administrators.

If you ask a question and someone has a great answer, click the XP button to give them some XP.

Accepting a Solution – How do I do it and why?
If you as the Community a question and receive an answer that resolves your issue, let everyone know!

This user answered the question regarding how to contact support for account assistance. The original post (OP) can accept this as the solution to their issue. If the post is accepted as a solution, the original post will have a quick-link to the solution.

Once the answer has been Accepted as Solution, the entire post turns green, highlighting the answer. As you can see, this post also received XP.

Accepting a Solution is important for a few reasons:
1. It tells the Community your issue has been resolved and you’re back in the game.
2. It helps the person who answered your question level up.
3. If informs the Community what the solution to a particular issue is, which can help other users experiencing the same thing.

Find out more and get started with EA´s new Answer HQ today here!