Spot the Devs 9!
By: Fixnow | 09-10-2012

Join us Friday, September 14 for Spot the Dev 9! It’s been quite a while since we hosted a Need for Speed World community event, the last one was back in July during the Two-Year anniversary. We’ve been waiting for an excuse to host another event and with this week’s new class “S” super car we finally have one!

We’re going to have a ton of prizes to give away including cars, vinyls and a couple codes for SpeedBoost! The event will begin Friday, September 14 at 10:00am (10:00) PDT / 1:00pm (13:00) EDT / 5:00pm (17:00) GMT. We’ll spend one hour in Apex then log into Chicane for another hour to finish off the event.

If you’ve never participated in a spot the Devs event don’t worry because it’s pretty easy to enter for your chance to win. During the event all you need to do is find a Dev member, take a clear photo of their car and submit it to be entered into a random draw for your chance to win one of 150 great prizes! You’ll know the dev members when you see them because they’ll be driving a car that hasn’t yet been released in the game.

In this Spot the Devs we’re going to be hanging out at more locations then in any previous event so you’re really going to have to search for us! To submit your photo you simply email it to; be sure to put “Spot the Devs 9” in the subject line of your email or Drew won’t be able to find your email/entry.

We’ll post more information on the Spot the Devs 9 event on Thursday including what the prizes are, what the devs will be driving and some additional rules for the event. Hope to see you on the road!