Community Spotlight - Nikola Mihailović
By: Fixnow | 09-08-2012

For the latest Need for Speed World Community Spotlight we’re back to putting individual members of the community under the spotlight!  This week we’re talking to Nikola Mihailović:

Tell us about yourself
Hello, my name is Nikola Mihailović, better known as Johnny Walker (for almost all my in-game friends) , I’m 20 years old, coming from one little town near Serbian capital city Belgrade, I’m only child in my family, so for now I don’t need to fight against my little brother or sister to play NFSW or some other games on PC, sometimes I’m feeling lonely cause I don’t have brother or sister, but life’s just began for me and I need to look in the future, I’ve finished my school last year, started with my new work before one week ago, 2nd life has started for me, so I think I’ve grown up enough, always love to hang out with my friends both on NFSW and in the real life, don’t love fake people and fake friends cause I’m not that kind of person, I’ll do everything for one strong friendship, to be clear: I’m always your good friend if you are good to me.

How long have you been playing NFSW?
Actually, I’ve started to play Need For Speed World in June 2011th, but I’ve stopped to playing it for a while, why? Because I didn’t meet any in game friends, and I felt like I’m playing Single Player game, but I’ve returned after 2-3 months ago, my close friend and neighbor Miloš convinced me to come back in the game, cause he’s founded couple of people from Serbia which are playing NFSW at the moment, I was excited when I heard that, and since that day until now, I’m in a strong relationship with NFSW, to be honest my the best online game so far, when I have my free time, I call my friends to group-up with me and we’re having a fun almost all day and sometimes all night (when I’m trolling my in-game friend Benjamin), those moments are not boring, cause we’re talking jokes every moment, we’re talking about cars, about new features, new cars in the game etc.

What’s your favorite car(s) in NFSW?
When I was started with my NFSW career, I always took my Ford Escort as favorite IGC car to build up my level and reputation in the World, but later my favorite cars so far is: BMW’s (Especially BMW M3 Sport Evo/ 1M Series Coupe), Porsche’s (GT3 RS and all new 997 GT2, waiting for Carrera GT cause I’m big fan of it) and both my Zonda’s F Roadster and Cinque

Are you part of a crew?
Yes, I’m part of 2 crews, I’m 3th Leader of “Team NLD” and member of “Transporter Motorsports” you remember them from last Community Spotlights don’t you?, Those are the two best Elite Crews in the game for me, with fierce racers, amazing leaders (Jay, Obi and Mattie-which have accepted me as Team NLD crew member on June 11th 2012. again, thanks for that) and co-leaders (Aly, Timothy, Prasanna etc.)

Your most memorable experience in the game?
Well, I have too many memorable moments in the game, but I’m feeling much better and I’ve got too many good friends since I’ve joined Team NLD + Elite crews on June 11th 2012. After chatting with Jay on Facebook and test runs with Mattie (2nd Leader), from this date till now, every day is memorable for me, later I was accepted by Obi as T.M. crew member. I’m really happy.

What do you like most about NFSW?
At the first place, I’m looking to meet new people from other countries who’re playing NFSW, making friendships with them, but if you actually ask me about the game, I love good events, contests, challenges, like Spot the Devs, Forum Friday and more and more events made by you guys or by my 2 crews, it’s all about fun, by the way, I can’t wait for the new coming game mode “Drag mode”

What other console or online games do you play?
For now I’m just using my strong PC for everything, but I also love PlayStation, I grew up on it, I’m playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare online, but I’ve played too many games till now, I can’t even remember.

Favorite cars/driving scene in a movie?
I really adore “2 fast 2 furious” because there’s awesome illegal street racing by Brian O’Connor and Vin Diezel, nice fast and good looking cars, but I’m also love “Transporter” and “Taxi” chase with Police made me so excited.

What song or music do you rock out to while playing NFSW?
Wow, here’s my favorite part, music is the part of life for me, so when I’m tired I’m looking to relax as much as I can listening Skrillex (Bangarang, 1st of the year), Pendulum( Tarantula, The Tempest) and Old School Rap, but when I’m racing in the game, I prefer The Prodigy to RISE UP MY ADRENALINE to the max (Omen, Take me to the Hospital, Invaders must die, Breathe etc.) , can’t wait for “Warriors Dance Festival” 15th September in Belgrade.

When you’re not playing NFSW, what else are you up to?
When I’m away from the game, I’m playing sports like: Basketball, Football, I’ve trained tennis for almost 4 years, and I love and supporting on every match my favorite Football/Basketball team: Partizan Belgrade

As a pet, what would you prefer; a shark or a dolphin?
Woooah, if you ask me, shark’s too much, I prefer more to watch sharks on the movies, but Dolphins are so cute :-)

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