Honoring Motorsports History with the BMW 3.0 CSL Gr.5 "Leicht" Edition
By: Fixnow | 09-06-2012

The BMW 3.0 CSL Gr.5 “Leicht” Edition is the first of a series of special edition vintage racers coming to Need for Speed World! The car team set out with a goal to create a unique livery for each of the vintage race cars in the game that fits with the cars era and discipline.

Outfitted with a heritage inspired livery that features aftermarket tuning brands & logos from the golden age of racing, custom painted bronze BBS mesh wheels that fill the wide arches of this classic race car and a “BMWCSL” exclusive license plate.  You’ll also find “WORLD VINTAGE SERIES” vinyls across the body to proudly show that this 3.0 CSL Gr.5 signify the start of something cool!

The team also chose not to have any neon included in this livery.  “We’re going keep this clean, and period relevant.  It’s built to race!” Is how they felt when they set out to design and build their latest masterpiece.

This is a car that you simply need to have in your garage and it’s available in the in-game Car Dealer now!