Introducing Car Classes to Need for Speed World
By: Fixnow | 08-10-2012

There has been a lot of talk about Car Classes in the past couple weeks including some sneak peaks and hints given out during the Two-Year Anniversary Live Chat.  We promised that we would start talking about Car Classes soon so now is the time!

First and foremost, the new Car Classes will have a profound affect on a number of features in Need for Speed World.  The most obvious change is the way cars are classed.  Car tiers are a thing of the past; instead cars are going to be rated into one of six (6) classes depending on its handling, acceleration and top speed.  It’s important to note that a car won’t be restricted to one class, they can change classes as you add/remove performance parts.

But like we said, Car Classes will affect a number of features including but not limited to Performance Customization, Match-making, Race/Pursuit events, and many more. Instead of revealing the entire feature at once we’re going to be posting multiple blogs over a length of time leading up to the release of Car Classes.

So be sure to keep your eye on the Need for Speed World blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed and join the discussion on the forums as we release more information on this game changing new feature!