Tweet It Up For A Dodge Viper SRT10 Limited Edition!
By: Fixnow | 08-09-2012

It’s time for yet another Tweet It Up Thursday! This week we’ve got the Dodge Viper SRT10 Limited Edition to give away!

What is Tweet It Up Thursday?
Every Thursday, we’ll tweet something on Twitter and all you need to do is simply retweet that message in order to become eligible for a random draw for a promo code.

How do I participate?
Step 1. Follow @NFSWorld on Twitter
Step 2. Either type out our whole tweet or click the Retweet button, found just underneath our post (between Favorite and Reply)
Step 3. Voila! You’re automatically entered into our random draw for the week

We’re giving away 25 codes for the Dodge Viper SRT10 Limited Edition!  For more chances to win, follow producer @marcdevellis on Twitter, as he’ll also be giving away 15 codes.

One retweet is all that’s needed. Anyone spamming our Twitter will be automatically disqualified. Make sure you re-tweet the whole tweet, including the link!

This week’s Tweet It Up Thursday ends Saturday August 11 at 11:59pm PST! Winners will be announced August 16.

Congratulations to last week’s Tweet it Up winner!  We’ll send out their prizes shortly:
__Trail__, _CertifiedPlaya, Andika_Yulianto, AndreaaGaldames, annehayy, christopherb_98, daisydayz25, JohnBlythe11794, JoshOConnor2, JumpKelby, KarimOrient, klopp, lioloil, luvdabeach33, MasChe_tfs, massivelygamer, mortis_ht, PraS_8826, robvaivodiss, shdwstar2417, VaniaPopovic, VMSheleg, Weirdo9494, YervanYang, Zaacks

Marc’s Winners:
angelshe_12, AryadhikaDP, el_broko, LahiruG, Miihu, NBiyyu, NFSHT96, nHiRanZ, OzqarB, quattrogecko, RacerBest, RajeSaurabh, Sofiaa_1039, sp33dy_keval, TahjVinceDavis