Treasure Hunt is a daily Free Roam game mode where Treasure Gems will be hidden in different parts of your world. Use your World Map and Mini-Map Radar to find and collect all the Gems within the day to receive Rep and Cash Rewards!

Treasure Hunt can be played at any time while you are in Free Roam. Every day, 15 different Treasure Hunt Icons will be hidden in different parts of the world.

To get started, open your World map. A Treasure Area indicator shows the general area where all the Icons can be found, so make your way to that part of the map.

Once you are there, observe your mini-map. A green-colored radar will appear whenever you are close to a Treasure Icon, indicating the direction and distance to it. Use that to locate and collect each Icon by driving through it. Repeat and collect all 15 Icons to complete the Hunt for that day!

A Treasure HUD, located at the bottom center of your screen, allows you to track the number of Icons you’ve collected so far for that day. A Treasure Hunt Streak icon above the Mini-Map Radar also shows the number of consecutive days in which you’ve completed the Hunt.

You can complete the Hunt at your leisure across multiple play sessions. For instance, you could login early in the morning and collect 5 out of 15 Icons. When you re-login later the same day, you will only need to collect the remaining 10 Icons to complete the Hunt!

The Treasure Hunt resets every midnight (GMT server time). That means you need to collect all Icons before midnight in order to complete the Hunt for that day.

You will receive a news feed informing you whenever a new Treasure Hunt becomes available.. Once it resets, new Icons will be hidden in completely new locations, so login daily and have fun exploring the world!

Once you’ve collected all the Gems, the Treasure Hunt is complete and you get rewarded with a generous amount of Rep and Cash.

You also get an Item reward based on your current Treasure Hunt streak, which is the no. of consecutive days in which you have completed the Hunt. Each consecutive day gives better rewards, so try to login daily and build up a long Streak!

If your Streak is broken, all is not lost. You can choose to spend some Funds to recover it and continue from where you left off, getting the good rewards. You can tell if your Streak is broken if the Streak icon turns red in Free Roam.

You can track your Treasure Hunt statistics in the Profile screen within your Safehouse, under the Explore section. Compare your progress with your friends!