In Team Escape you and your team must reach the finish and outrun the cops while evading – or smashing through Roadblocks, Cops and deadly Rhino SUVs.

To join a Team Escape event, look for the red “Team Escape” icon in either the Map or by driving to one of the race locations in the world.

Joining the event will match you up with 3 other teammates; alternatively you can host a Private Race and invite your Friends.

Team Escape can also be joined through the “Race Now” button.

There are several obstacles in Team Escape, preventing you from safely reaching your destination

The cops are willing to call in as many Roadblocks, Spikestrips and Rhinos as it takes to stop your team. The Radar skill is extremely useful for detecting where Cops have placed Roadblocks and Rhinos, allowing you to prepare in advance so you can pick your target – or change your route.

Your Heat is fixed based on the event you’re playing – be careful though because the Cops have formed some new tactics to stop you.

Getting busted isn’t game over. When anyone on the team gets busted, your team will lose a Strike. Once a strike is consumed, you will spectate the nearest teammate for 10 seconds before respawning. If there are no strikes left, you will not respawn. However, if your teammates manage to escape, any busted players will still get some rewards.

Your team has to escape within the time limit, which can be seen on the top right of your HUD. If you run out of time, you’ll be busted.

To boost your chances of escaping, we’ve added two new powerups to your arsenal:

  • Team Emergency Evade is the perfect way to guarantee your team’s survival. When used, it will annihilate any cops near you and your team, sending them flying.

  • Team Slingshot gives you and your teammates a major increase in speed. Perfect for helping your entire team to escape with plenty of time to spare.

You can find the new Team Powerups in the store as well as in the Powerup Console within your Safehouse.

The rewards of Team Escape scale with each teammate that manages to escape, so if your entire team manages to get out – you’ll get the best rewards. There are also a few individual bonuses to strive for when outrunning the Cops:

  • Escape without using a single strike

  • Aid your team using a Team Powerup

Also, private events for Team Escapes are equally rewarding, so go ahead and invite your friends!

Escaping the Cops before time runs out can take several attempts, but here are some tips and tricks:

  • Pick your spots! Look out for weakspots when approaching Roadblocks and use Juggernaut to obliterate them, making room for your teammates.

  • Watch out for Spikestrips! Make sure you bring Run Flats in case you run a flat tire

  • Dodge those Rhinos! A head-on collision with a Rhino SUV is never a good thing, so be prepared to pull off some last minute evasive maneuvers if you see them coming.

Good luck & have fun escaping the Cops with your friends in Team Escape!