Need for Speed World is designed to make it easy to combine a great racing game and social experience. To do this there are a variety of options to bring people together during a Race.

When you enter an event, you will automatically be put into Event chat so you can communicate with your opponents, Outside of an event, you can still view Event chat but will not be able to send messages.

To limit it to a single person click [Whisper] then type /w before the driver name. You can also send a Whisper chat message to all your online Friends by selecting [Friend] as the chat channel or by typing /f (Message).

Groups are a great way to play with your friends and join Private Races easily. In a group, you can also voice chat via Dolby Axon to communicate and co-ordinate cop strategies in co-op modes like Team Escape.

The Group List can be found within the Social Gadget (hotkey ‘O’). From there, you can send group invites by clicking on the invite button and typing in a Driver name.

Alternatively invites can be sent by right-clicking on any Driver name and choosing the “Invite to Group” option, or by typing “/groupinvite [DriverName]” in the chat window.

The maximum number of group members is eight.

Once you’re in a group, a group HUD will appear at the top left corner of your screen. This allows you to view the group members, view and mute your microphone (if voice chat is enabled), send additional group invites, or leave the group.

Each group has its own group chat channel, which you can access by clicking the channel selector and choosing “Group” in the chat window.

Once a Driver goes offline, he will automatically leave the group. You can manually leave a group by clicking the “Leave Group” button in the Group List.

Dolby Axon voice chat technology is fully integrated into the Need For Speed World game client so any player can use it easily.

Once you’re in a group, you’ll automatically be entered into a voice chat room with your group members. You will be able to chat with them regardless of whether you’re in Free Roam, a race or your Safehouse.

By default, the feature is enabled with Push-to-Talk as the activation mode (hold “T” when talking), so you should be able to chat so long as a microphone is plugged in.

You can change this and other voice chat options by entering the Options Menu under "Voice Chat".

As a group, it’s much easier to organize and play private races.

To start, any member of the group should start a "Private Match" via the race icon. The person can then choose to view the Friends List and send invites to his buddies, or directly invite all his existing group members to that race.

Once the race ends, players can repeat the steps to keep racing with the same group of players.

Once you've added a friend, more social options become available: you can Teleport to their location, view their Driver Profile, Whisper them in chat and compare your Stats to theirs. Once you have accepted a Driver as a Friend, you'll be able to see all the Drivers from that same Player with them all being added as Friends.

Sometimes you may need to block someone from your Friends List. To do so, right-click on his Driver name and choose 'Block Driver'. Once you've done this you won't be able to communicate with them or receive messages from them. A Blocked Driver will not be notified they've been blocked and you can opt to unblock at any time via the Social Feed.

The News feed helps you stay updated about your Friends progress such as Leveling-Up, Friend Requests or changes in Driver Friend rankings. To access the News Gadget, click on the News icon on the Common HUD or press 'N' on the keyboard.

News feeds sent from your Friends automatically show up in News section on your page. If you have any unread news feeds, the news icon on the Common HUD will be highlighted. The latest news feeds will always show up at the top of the News Gadget.

You can choose to filter the news received by:

  • All - show all news

  • Me - show only news about myself

  • Friends - show only news sent from Friends

  • System - show only system news

The Friend Rankings compares your Driver with all your Friends in various Racing (blue-colored) and Pursuit (red-colored) stats. Whenever someone beats your current score, you'll receive a News update about it.