In addition to Performance Customization, you can customize your cars further with Skill Mods. Skill Mods enhance your car's abilities by making powerups stronger and even giving it new attributes.

Tailor your car to how you play:

Skill Mods are broken down into three categories (Race, Pursuit, and Explore.) If you like to get into Pursuits, increasing the weight of your car with Ram is a good option. If you're lagging behind your opponents in Races, Extended Nitrous can bring you back to the racing pack quickly.

Each Skill Mod part ranges in quality from 1-3 stars, and will have a greater effect depending on its star rating.


Allows powerups to be used sooner at race start

Rapid Fire:

Increases the cooldown speed of Nitrous

Extended NOS:

Increases the duration of Nitrous

Super Shot:

Increases acceleration boost from Nitrous


Increases the duration of the Perfect Start boost


Increases the RPM range to get a Perfect Start

Catch Up:

Increases your acceleration if you’re third place or lower

Safety First:

Increases the cooldown speed of Shield

Rolling Fortress:

Increases the duration of Shield


Increases the cooldown speed of Slingshot


Increases the duration of Slingshot


Increases the performance boost from Slingshot

Traffic Cop:

Increases the cooldown speed of Traffic Magnet


Increases the duration of Traffic Magnet on opponents

Collision Force:

Increases the weight of your car in collisions


Increases the range of Emergency Evade


Increases the cooldown speed of Emergency Evade


Increases the power of Emergency Evade

Unrelenting Force:

Increases the cooldown speed of Juggernaut


Increases the duration of Juggernaut


Increases the force of Juggernaut


Decreases the time required to escape a pursuit

Rapid Refill:

Increases the cooldown speed of Run Flats


Detects all cop within specific range on the map


Increases Cash earned from Treasure Hunt

Bounty Hunter:

Increases Cash earned from Pursuits


Increases Cash earned from Races

Lightning Reflex:

Increases the cooldown speed of Ready

Go to the 'Safehouse'

Choose 'Customization'

Enter the 'Skill Workshop'

The store sells a wide range of Skill Mods which can be purchased with Cash and installed onto your car to get some basic Skills. Your Inventory holds all the parts you own through Lucky Draw rewards or other methods. This can be accessed by clicking on the button toggle next to the Store label.

Each car has a minimum of 5 slots available for Skill Mods which are shown on the left panel of the screen. Some cars may come with an additional pre-installed Skill Mod, which is locked to the car and cannot be removed.

Drag a part from the Store or Inventory and drop it onto the car. Pending changes to your Skill Mods are shown under Skill Effects; commit these changes by clicking on the Save Changes button

Skill Mods can be stacked, meaning you can install multiple skills of the same type to your car at once. For example, a car can have 3x Extended Nitrous Skill Mods for a total combined effect. However, each skill has its own cap and when this is reached, that skill is 'MAXED'

Drag a part (one that is currently installed on the car) from the Parts panel on the left to the Sell box at the bottom right. The bottom right panel shows how much Cash will be given to the player for selling the part. Confirm by clicking on the Save Changes button – this will sell the part permanently.

Drag a part form the Inventory to the sell box. Confirm by clicking on the Save Changes button

1-3 star Skill Mods can be won from Lucky Draw by completing an Event such as Sprint, Circuit or daily Treasure Hunts. In addition, Skill Mods can be obtained by purchasing Skill Mod Card Packs from the Card Pack store in the Safehouse or the SpeedBoost store.