Achievements are a great way to reward you for everything you accomplish in Need For Speed World. Whether you like to Race, Chase, Customize or Collect there are Achievements waiting to be won for the newbie – or seasoned racer.

Completing Achievements is simple, just play the game! Each Achievement has a condition that you have to fulfill in order to complete it. This can be anything from winning races or buying cars – to installing parts on your rides.

You can view a list of all Achievements by opening the Achievements Log from the HUD in Free Roam or by pressing 'i'.

Most Achievements have multiple ranks to complete. Each rank has a new reward, gives DriverScore and upgrades the Achievement's badge.

Badges are a way to celebrate and show off your Achievements in Need For Speed World. Show them off to your friends & rivals by dragging the badge of a Completed Achievement in your Achievement Log to a slot in the top-right of the panel.

As you gain ranks on your Achievements, your badge also upgrades as shown by the number of stars. You can also see the rarity of an Achievement by viewing its tooltip; if the Achievement Rarity is below 5%, a special border will appear on its badge.

Your DriverScore is a measure of your achievements in Need For Speed World. Every Rank of every Achievement gives DriverScore. Complete achievements and increase your DriverScore to get higher than your friends and win rewards.

By completing Achievements you can win Cash, Performance, Skill and Aftermarket Parts – and even Cars. To claim a reward, go to the Achievements Log and find any completed rank with a gift icon. Select that rank and hit the Claim Reward button to get it. You can also see the rewards for any achievement you haven't completed by selecting its rank.